Why thousands of people are already using UNIFORMD

Uniformd is a completely free online platform that supports schools and families, bringing uniform, PE kit and any other items you’d like to pass on, to your school community. Either list items for free, or if you wish to fundraise, you can set a price or suggest an optional cash donation.

Why Uniformd?

Support parents with affordable or free items

Schools can list items and choose the price or list for free so no one misses out (and parents are free to leave a donation if they would like to). You can list anything at all - from school uniform and PE kit, to fancy dress and revision guides. If your parents would like it, you can list it!

Support your Climate Action Plan

By 2025, schools are expected to have a sustainability lead and a ‘climate action plan’ to show how the school is contributing towards climate change. Uniformd ticks that box for you as it has sustainability at its heart and helps reduce emissions, encourages recycling, and stops countless items ending up in landfill.

Free to use – no licence fees or subscription costs

There are no hidden fees whatsoever – no joining or cancellation fees, no subscription fees, and you are not tied in for any length of time. We take a small platform fee on sales after the first 3 months (during which time there is no platform fee at all). There are no fees on financial donations or items gifted for free.

*Transaction fees apply as applicable

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Raise essential funds your school

Uniformd can help you with your fundraising if you are selling items or tickets online. Whether this is affordable school uniform or non-uniform items such as books, games, sports equipment, non-uniform clothing – you can sell anything you like, and the pricing structure is entirely up to you. People can also leave you financial donations either to top up their order or as one-off payments, and these can be Gift Aided on the platform too.

Share the platform with your PTA

Many schools allow the PTA to run the platform with them, so the school can focus on supporting families, with the PTA concentrating on fundraising and running events. This can save everyone time, and means that everyone can benefit from the platform – your community and your school.

How it Works

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