Start fundraising easily with UNIFORMD's free platform

Uniformd is a free fundraising platform that supports organisations, schools and communities.

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Why Uniformd?

Sell items to fundraise

List items for sale, choosing your own price, and allow people to give you financial donations at the click of a button. You can sell anything from clothing, books and sports equipment, to musical instruments and fancy dress. If your community would like it, you can list and sell it!

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Run an event

Sell your tickets, obtain all the information you require for your attendees and sell food, drinks and other items associated with your event all online.

Help drive sustainability

Whether you have a specific Climate Action Plan or you simply want to do your bit to help the environment, Uniformd is there to support you. We have sustainability at our heart and by using Uniformd, you help reduce emissions, encourage recycling, and stop countless items ending up in landfill.

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Free to use – no licence fees or subscription costs

There are no hidden fees whatsoever – no joining or cancellation fees, no subscription fees, and you are not tied in for any length of time. We take a small platform fee on sales after the first 3 months (during which time there is no platform fee at all). There are no platform fees on financial donations or items gifted for free.

*Transaction fees apply as applicable

Free and simple fundraising on Uniformd.

Effortlessly fundraise and support your community with Uniformd

Fundraising Ideas

We’ve compiled a list of effective fundraising ideas that are quick and simple to implement using the Uniformd platform.

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